Removable Auditorium Seating

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Matrix is a removable seating system for flat floors, designed and manufactured by UK seating specialists Audience Systems.
The system can be used to seat a town hall, school hall or even an arena floor, or can simply be used to add occasional capacity in front of tiered or retractable seating.

The system consists of floorbars, which can be simply laid out with no floor fixings, and groups of tip-up seats which are slotted into place.

If Matrix doesn’t suit your venue, we also have a range of durable stacking chairs complete with storage trollies.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick to install with groups of chairs simply slotting into removable floorbars
  • Safe, wide walkways between rows
  • No snaking of rows, no residual trip hazards, and minimum leg count for speedy floor cleaning
  • Easy to store with groups of chairs and floorbars stacking on custom-made trolleys


  • Choose from a range of upholstered, plastic and lecture theatre chairs, complementing our fixed and retractable seat ranges
  • Seat numbers, row letters and signage poles
  • Various options for transportation and storage including trollies and stillages.