Wall Cladding

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Intrad Reflex sheet is ideal for large wall cladding protection. With the use of colour and custom cut sheet it is possible to produce an integrated design that is practical, eye catching and hard wearing.

The damage caused by 24 hour use would very quickly require maintenance on a continual basis whereas this simple installation uses Reflex-sheet to produce low maintenance protection where it is needed.

Doors also get a great deal of wear and tear. Some will get low level foot damage mainly from pedestrians, others will require greater protection from trolleys, bins and bags. Reflex sheet can be used to give a cohesive design to door protection.

Reflex–sheet Wall Cladding

Intrad Reflex-sheet is ideal for large area protection to walls and partitions. Reflex-sheet is an embossed flat sheet which is adhesive bonded to the wall to give large area protection. The standard 2.44 x 1.22m sheet can be thermoformed and cut to shape giving a fully integrated finish where required.

REFLEX sheet is extremely versatile. It can be thermoformed to fit around boxing in and ducting, neatly trimmed behind sockets and switches or simply installed as flat panels. It can also be used to compliment our wall protection rails and is often fitted between mid and low level buffers to offer complete protection to the lower half of a wall.


  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Strong and resistant to impact (HD)
  • Easy Clean
  • Fire rating - Building Regulations Class O

  • Half Height to full height protection
  • Decorative and maintenance free
  • Can be installed over virtually any surface
  • Ideal for interior walls and partitions
  • Thermoformable

Reflex-sheet Door Cladding

Doors receive a lot of use and can suffer from excessive damage. Reflex sheet is ideal for use as door protection.

Reflex-sheet can be cut into push plates, kick plates (low level & between vision panels), half height crash plates (square or contoured) or full height cladding. It is also thermoformable around door frames and stops to provide complete protection.


  • Strong and resistant to impact (HD)
  • Fire rating - Building Regulations Class O
  • Kick & Push Plates
  • Crash Plates
  • Contoured crash plates
  • Full height cladding

  • Reduces expensive door repairs or replacement
  • Decorative and maintenance free
  • Ideal for doors and partitions
  • Thermoformable