Transpalace Movable Wall

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The most exclusive model in the Palace series is the Transpalace movable wall. 

The panels have been constructed from a solid aluminum frame, which has been finished with double glazed safety glass. This will retain a room’s spacious sense of proportion while taking advantage of high quality Palace features such as high sound insulation values and a beautiful design. The technology has subtly been incorporated within the small frame. This frame can be supplied in practically every desired color.

The Transpalace runs very smoothly along its track system by means of ball-bearing trolleys and has practically unlimited stacking possibilities. All our walls have been designed to eliminate the need for floor tracks. A manually operated or semi-electrically powered spindle mechanism, in combination with acoustic pressure sleeves, ensures the greatest possible stability and highest possible degree of sound-proofing.

The Transpalace is also available with fire-resistant glass. Our walls meet the highest fire safety requirements.

New: panel walls with built-in electrically operated blinds.

What makes this innovative project so special is the fact that all of the separate elements feature electrically operated blinds. When the separate elements are all connected, the blinds can be operated with a single button: they can be raised or lowered, opened and closed, making for a very dynamic appearance. Using the Transpalace wall allows people to create a very open and well-lit environment, whilst maintaining the high-quality features characteristic for Palace, including excellent sound insulation and a modern, functional design. Parthos offers a wide array of options, for both the colour scheme for the Transpalace walls as well as for the blinds.